Named Validations for Client side validation


Hello Team,

I am using Edoras One version 2.0.3.

From where I can see the HTML component of the form model as shown in

My objective is to apply the client side validations on the various form attributes.
We have explored the attribute level validations i.e. min/max length, validation regular expression and mask however we would want to go beyond that.

We want to validate each field on focus out and enable the submit button only if form is valid.

Thanks in advance,

Rohit Mahadik


Hi Rohit,
We need some more information about your needs:

  • Did you succeed adding your custom named validations?
  • Current behaviour is: validations are calculated on each change but the error messages appear only on blur or when trying to save. Is this behaviour ok for your use case?
  • We prevent saving when validations are failing except in the case of saving a task (cause it can be not complete). Is this behaviour ok for your needs?
  • We do not disable the save button because the validations are not visible before focusing every field. So the user wouldn’t be able to click on save and wouldn’t know why. And he would need to focus every single field to see what’s missing. Is this behaviour ok for your needs?

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