MGP-013: App Versions

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MGP-013 | 2017-04-05 | v1.0

App Version

When communicating about an edoras one app, it is essential to know which version of the app one is referring to, for instance when reporting a bug or proposing an enhancement. Having an app versioning scheme can help end users, modelers and project members to communicate more effectively.
Versioning Scheme
The app versioning should follow the Semantic Versioning scheme. Versions have the structure X.Y.Z, for instance 1.5.29.

How to Display the App Version

To display the app’s version, create a Subform called “ABC-F000 App Version Form” where ABC stands for your app’s prefix, e.g. “ABC”. Within this form, place a “Output text” widget containing your app’s prefix, the current version as well as the publishing date of this version, for instance:
ABC | 1.2.0 | 2017-09-20
The app version can then be shown to the end user by simply placing a “Single-type subform” which refereces this subform into any other form. A good place to show the app version would be a dashboard or any other case work form.

Updating the Version

Since the version is merely a text string, it can and should be updated whenever it is deemed necessary. This manual update mechanism ensures that the app version is independent of any technical constraints and can be updated at the modeler’s discretion. Since each project is unique, it is necessary to define when and how an app version is updated - there is no black and white. See a proposed procedure below:

ABC | 1.1.1 | SNAPSHOT
Use ‘SNAPSHOT’ in the third block to indicate that the app is currently under development. The ‘1.1.1 will be the next App Version which is planned to release. This does not have to be a release on production, but a released version for Git which might be deployed somewhere or not.

ABC | 1.1.1 | 2018-03-16
Before exporting the app, replace ‘SNAPSHOT’ with the export date (=current date). Export the app. After the export, immediately increase the app version (eg to ‘1.2.1’ for the next planned release)and replace the date with ‘SNAPSHOT’ again.