MGP-012: Forms Guidelines

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MGP-012 | 2017-02-16 | v1.0

Forms Guidelines

This document describes a number of general modeling guidelines which can help to increase the quality of models.

Case Init Forms, Work Forms and Task Forms

When working with forms in edoras one involves more than just designing the layout of a screen. Forms define which data is available to whom at what time. To better control the flow of information, it is advised to follow a few recommendations.

Avoid Lengthy Init Forms

In many cases, an Init Form allows a user to enter case data. Only when the user completes this form, the case will be created. For that reason, it is not possible to save the status of an Init Form and certain other information is not yet available. For that reason, Init Forms preferrably do not contain too many fields. Instead, more information should be gathered in User Tasks.

Work Forms Should be Read-only

Work Forms allow modelers to specify which data can be changed once the case has been created. If a user clicks on a case link, the work form will be displayed. For that reason, designing a Work Form should always reflect

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