MGP-008: Naming Conventions

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MGP-008 | 2018-02-16 | v1.3

Naming Conventions

edoras one does not impose any restrictions onto modelers when it comes to naming models and variables. However, following a clear naming convention can enhance communication, increase searchability, and leads to a cleaner overall picture of an app.
For that reason, it is advised to follow a number of simple rules:

  • Use Title Case when naming models or tasks: Start every word except for conjunctions and prepositions such as “the”, “or”, “and”, “as” or “which” with capital letters.
  • Choose descriptive names and try to adher to the vocabulary used within the environment of the application. However, do not shorten a name too much if it sacrifices clarity.
  • Use Camel case to name variables.


The following table lists naming conventions for all supported model types. Replace the ### characters with an incrementing number. The numbering should be restarted for each App.

Model Type Structure Example
App Model App prefix + Noun Phrase + App
The app prefix is an abbrevation which is two to four characters long.
Write down the prefix in the app model’s description.
BWA Vehicle Warranty App
Case Model App prefix + C### + Noun Phrase + Case BWA-C001 Warranty Case
Process Model App prefix + P### + Noun Phrase or Verb Phrase + Process BWA-P001 Confirmation Process
BWA-P002 Send Invoice Process
Task Model App prefix + T### + Noun Phrase + Task BWA-T001 Ad-hoc Correspondence Task
Form Model App prefix + F### + Verb or Noun Phrase + Form
Use the same name and as the Task, if the form is its main form.
BWA-T001 Send Invoice Form (Mainform)
BWA-F002 Address Subform (Subform)
Form Model (Init Form) App prefix + F### + Case Name + Init Form BWA-F001 Warranty Init Form
Form Model (Work Form) App prefix + F### + Case Name + Work Form BWA-F002 Warranty Work Form
Document Model App prefix + D###,+ Noun Phrase + Document BWA-D001 Warranty Document
Mail Model App prefix + M### + Noun Phrase + Mail BWA-M001 Confirmation Mail
Decision Model App prefix + DM### + Noun Phrase + Decision BWA-DM001 Repair Decision


The following table lists naming conventions for specific task types:

Task Type Notation Structure Example
Process Task CMMN App prefix + Process Name
Use the process name (including its ID) as task name.
BWA-P003 Send Invoice Process
Case Task CMMN App prefix + Case Name
Use the case name (including its ID) as task name)
BWA-C002 Employee Case
Decision/Rule Task CMMN/BPMN App prefix + Decision Name
Use the rule table name (including its ID) as task name)
BWA-DM001 Customer Segment Decision
Other Tasks BPMN and CMMN T### + Verb and Noun(s). T001 Initialize Case
T002 Enter Client Data

Important: If you set the name property of a task, it will also appear in the user’s task list etc. under that name. To present a clear name, you can use the “Name (RT)” attribute available to all tasks. End users will then see the task under the name specified in “Name (RT)” while modelers will see the “Name” at design time.

Other Modelling Elements

The following table lists naming conventions for other modelling elements:

Element Notation Structure Example
Event BPMN State and type of the event. Message received Deadline exceeded
Gateway BPMN Decision to be taken. For exclusive gateways, use a question. Income level
More than 2 hours?
Lane BPMN A lane represents the responsible group, i.e. the candidate group of the respective user tasks within the lane. Accounting HR Manager
Pool BPMN The name of the process. BWA-P001 Send Mail Confirmation
Process BPMN App prefix + P### + Name + Process BWA-P001 Send Mail Confirmation
Sequence Flow BPMN If the source is a gateway, name each flow with the flow’s condition. Over 1000 Euros
Less than 2 hours
Subprocesss BPMN App prefix + P### + Name of Subprocess BWA-P001 Send out Mailing Letter
Connector CMMN Use the standard event name. The text inferred from the connector’s standard event should remain unchanged. Complete
Stage CMMN Use a descriptive, short name. Initialization
Work Equipment

App Settings

In edoras one, it is possible to set globally available app settings which are defined in the “App model”. Use the following prefixes for app settings:

Group / User / Work Item Mappings:

Type Prefix
Group Mapping grp
Group List Mapping grps
User Mapping usr
User List Mapping usrs
work Item Mapping wit
Work Item List Mapping wits

Property Mappings:

Type Prefix
Text Property txt
Rich Text Property rtxt
Number Property num
Boolean Property bool

Elasticsearch field names

keep ES field names the same as the variables. Common attribute such as name , should have a prefix which represent the workitem (eg. orderName, requestName)

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