Create a sub case from the front-end


Hi all

Is there a way to create a sub case from the front end? Our situation is as follows:

  1. forms are embedded, therefore no model selection options are being shown,
  2. passing parentId as a URL parameter to the create URL didn’t seem to ‘stick’ and the new case was not a sub case of our root.

The only way I have found is to use JavaScript to create the sub case via the REST api and then navigate to the work form. But I would much rather use a Create form - that way the user can cancel if they make a mistake.




Hi Matt,

Creating subcases from the front end it is currently not possible, except by using the a Script button or with a Create Case task in a BPMN or CMMN case. However, this is a common use case, so I created a feature request for our team (id: CLD-12157).

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Cheers Jose, no problem since I think we can work around this - I have some Javascript to call the REST API to create a case - there are just two downsides:

  1. User isn’t navigated straight into the case creation form and they have no option to cancel if they change their mind.
  2. Since the case is created by REST API, if all the mandatory fields are not known by the Javascript when calling the cases endpoint, then you can end up with sub-cases without valid data in them.

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