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Hi guys

It seems a bit of a basic question, but I can’t find any material on the topic anywhere. What is the recommended approach for implementing audit trail across EdorasOne? Stuff such as:

  • Modified work objects when, where and by who?
  • Change details - what was changed (changed from / to);
  • Efficient way to access the audit information in a single spot rather than going through individual work objects to piece together the audit history of an entire case for example.

Are there documented best practises somewhere for how to manage audit trails across case management in EdorasOne?




Hello Matt,

Low-level audit trail is by default disabled in edoras one but it can be enabled by installing the ‘Audit Log’ Add-on. With this mode, all interactions with a WorkObject are persisted into the database and can be examined later. However, these are the raw technical events and in order to map those events to a business use case such as yours (see all history of a case and sub-elements), an adapter should be written.

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